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Andrey “Leechy” Lechev

Some frontender thoughts
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Authorization UX

January 15, 2019

Still working on the new application and one of the first things the user is interacting with is the authorization dialog. Initially got a…

Geolocation and PWA incompatibility

January 09, 2019

I’m still trying to write about some of the solutions from my last project, but meanwhile, I’ve already started a new one. It’s a hybrid…

Gzip or not

January 01, 2019

I know that nowadays it’s a silly question and you should start to think about performance budgets already, but it’s something that actually…

Let's begin

December 30, 2018

I’m not sure can I say that I started my blog in 2018 if it’s almost December 31st ;-)) Actually, I was thinking to create a blog or at…

Who am I

December 30, 2018

Good morning, My name is Andrey Lechev, but you can call me Leechy . I’m working as a frontend developer professionally since April 1st…